The manual says to remove all USB devices and try again. Im starting to think my fsb wall may well be my ram, or a setting at lest. I tried Googling this issue and this is the only place this issue is mentioned, so I thought I’d just add to it. Skill HZ’s should do better than that. I’m going to try replacing the CMOS battery but I’ve read some other posts that if the F1 afterwards doesn’t work then it’s usually worse than just the battery.

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When pick a divider does it show you what you ram speed is going to be? In addition, these products might become a reliable basis for the …. I have been using this thread as a guide: I’ll be testing some strap changes tonight though. Windows loads in 20 seconds! My IP35 is still out lro box, I just tested my memory because Evil scared the daylights out of me.

Reading info from other forums, I am fairly sure I would get a much higher FSB if I prp to a 2 slot ram configuration.


Unplugging said keyboard allows Clover to complete boot. Apr 11, 9. No fix is needed? I’m guessing I can just flash with another version? I am happy about the stability on this board, but I question its performance.

Help – can’t install XP or Vista – ACPI problems? | Tech Support Guy

I cant re-call all the sub timings off the top of my head but it went something like 2. I just realized I forgot to remove the serials. I cant believe it was my fans holding me back. So what’s this whole no dividers thing with this motherboard.

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Should be interesting to see how the Abit compares to the other P35 boards. The file, uguru v3.

At this point im crossing my fingers my old xp cd will load fine on the IPPro. Is there a way to rollback?

Simple OC is always the best at least for anit. Ya, I’d say so I am wondering if I got a bad disc at this point. I can’t even get into BIOS.

Help – can’t install XP or Vista – ACPI problems?

I say buy it you wont regret it, plus go to abits site get the new bios for that board. Last I checked they were not on the US site and I had to download them from the Taiwan site, hence my response.


Thank you so much.

Once again, thanks for your help. Drivers may also be available for free directly from manufacturers’ websites. I googled a ton. Most fans actually pull less than that mm even even as they rev-up. I know this is an old post, but I just want to note that I’v also ran in to this problem and can confirm that Macally keyboard model “mkeye” doesn’t allow Clover v2.

No worries if not as I’ve got it all backed up, but it’ll be interesting to find out. Now then I am having troubles installing vista I havent seen any but there doesnt mean there isnt one. It works fine with both sticks in the last two slots, but I want dual channel, so