Sign In Sign Up. Let me share with you the cost of my setup. I’m sick of you constantly bashing Fanatec just because YOU didn’t get what you wanted.. Packages arriving without a return number will be returned at the owners expense. Beef – killer rig mate! Or sign in with one of these services Sign in with Facebook. Here’s how the prices break down.

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Attached are pics of my Ti Oculus Rift based rig in its current state as it sits in the acckforce while the theatre is being built upstairs. I am thinking about going to VR but will require a more powerful video card.

Edited November 1 by Funks. Like Us On Facebook. There are just too many variables to be able to get anything more than an idea of roughly where things stand unless there is a completely independent test such as the SimRacing Garage one which of course is now quite out of date.

Edited August 4 by Beef36 Google translation into English. Or even if you want to write a full blown article you want to see published.

There are some quirks but overall I recommend it. Team Engineers and other professionals may choose to dig deeper in to the Sim Commanders tuning capabilities. I’d also buy something that has local support. The problem I have with all of these side by side acxuforce is that OSW just isn’t a product with a strict parts list.


I was considering getting a DD wheel for a while, the reported graininess turned me off the accuforce, I felt like if I was spending that much money I didn’t want any compromises no matter how slight they accuforcw be.

It is indeed the software that makes the AF so great, any game which has terrible in-game FFB or a wall of indecipherable settings you just switch the foundation FFB in Sim Commander and fix. Every post you make is infused with a massive amount of Fanatec bash seasoning, and tbh, I am not fond of such a person being in this forum making other simracing enthusiasts look bad.

Thanks for making my decision easier!

Coiled cable limit is degrees. As this is a heavy change we want to run all tests again so this takes some time but we are still aiming to start shipping in December.

He seemed genuinely unbiased, and in his comments he said he felt the Podium was smoother than the Accuforce and that the OSW afcuforce just slightly smoother than the Accuforce and suggested I wait until more reviews and comparisons are released.

In the rare event of a product failure, we will promptly repair or replace the defective item in accordance with the following:. This allows you to source your own quick release and wheel.

SimXperience AccuForce Pro V2 Direct Drive wheel Review By SRG

I’m in the same boat. If you’re chosen to participate, we’ll notify you adcuforce email including the test time frame, how to purchase and other important details. Edited August 4 by Beef36 Poor grammer. We also got product approval from Sony for the Podium Racing Wheel which makes it the first official Direct Drive for consoles!


Accuforce v2 vs. OSW vs. Fanatec Podium DD1? Which one is the best?

Bsimracing is powered by: I will only have one small monitor for startup and configuration purposes. When designing mounting systems and evaluating safety concerns, please design for a 16Nm peak servo torque scenario.

And I don’t really want to wait until December to buy a first gen product either. I am willing to sign a Non Acvuforce Agreement. For example the above post mentions that OSW has a large controller box.

Or sign in with one of these services. I am trying to stay under 4K big ouch with my budget. This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. I am aiming toward an Oculus only VR setup.

Accuforce v2 vs. OSW vs. Fanatec Podium DD1? Which one is the best? | RaceDepartment

Javascript is currently disabled. In addition to the features listed above, the free included software offers virtual touch-screen dashboards, telemetry display, telemetry analysis, virtual touch-screen button boxes, wheel button mapping management and in game head up display for quick settings adjustments.

Posted July 18 edited.